iso Efficient Grinding Solution

Resin Grinding Wheel in Vitrified Grinding Wheels GBN-ID


Air Compressor: Piston ID, Cylinder cap ID, cylinder case ID, cylinder ID

Bearing: Bearing ID

Gear: Gear ID

Cutting Tool: ID

Auto: Joint Ball with same speed, the star-shaped sleeve, bell housing, retainer

Double disc grinding wheel:

Double Disc Grinding Wheel


Piston compressor

Compressor sliding vane

Hydraulic valve parts

Compressor cylinder


Vitrified CBN grinding wheel used for Auto camshaft grinding:

Vitrified CBN Grinding

Application area: It is used for cam and shaft neck grinding of camshaft fo auto engine

Workpiece material: Cast iron, ductile iron, gray iron, alloy cast iron, etc.45 steel, 50 steel, 55 steel, 20Cr, GCr15, 20CrMnTi carburizing and various unquenching steel materials; Powder metallurgy

Working machine: Ovear sea machines Junker, Schaudt, Landis, Emag, Studer, Toyada, etc Chines CNC machines Jack, Hengbo, Beijing Jingxing machine tool equipment co. ltd etc.

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