iso Efficient Grinding Solution

In order to reduce the cost of grinding as much as possible, we think there are two possible directions.

  • Cut the time it takes to grind

  • Cutting down on materials (costs) used for grinding

To reduce the time required for grinding, you can ask a skilled worker to do the work, use a high-performance machine, or try changing the specifications of the grinding wheel or diamond wheel. If you want to devise an innovative machining method or shorten the machining time without investing in equipment, you may be able to do more processing than you thought by first trying to understand the specifications and grinding conditions of the grinding wheel you are currently using.

There are also the following ways to reduce the cost of expensive diamond wheels and CBN grinding wheels used for grinding.

  • Do you really need to use diamond grinding wheels or CBN grinding wheels? If so, have you discarded the grinding wheel with the abrasive layer remaining?

  • Is there any waste in the outer diameter and width of the grinding wheel and the thickness of the grinding layer?

  • Is it possible to change the grinding wheel to a simple shape?

  • Are there any parts that make up the grinding wheel that can be compromised? Are you using a grinding wheel with too high a concentration?

If you can reduce the concentration of diamond and CBN, the cost will decrease, so it is worth considering whether there are any wasted parts in the grinding wheel used for processing. However, whether it is a vitrified diamond wheel or a metal bond grinding wheel, the cost above a certain level will be incurred no matter how few abrasive grains are, so in the case of a grinding wheel with small dimensions, the ratio of the cost to the grinding layer may be low. In many cases, the outer diameter and width can hardly be changed, but changing the thickness of the grinding layer and considering a type of grinding wheel with more life will also lead to cost reduction.

Diamond wheels and CBN grinding wheels are used for various processing, but in some cases, they may be too costly. Another way to reduce costs is to change the material of the parts that make up the grinding wheel, such as the core, to cheaper material.

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