iso Efficient Grinding Solution
  • Polymide Bond
  • Hybrid Bond
  • Wheel For Tool Room
  • Wheel For CNC Grinder
  • Polymide Bond
  • Hybrid Bond
  • Wheel For Tool Room
  • Wheel For CNC Grinder

Tool & Cutter Grinding Wheels

  • Polymide Bond
  • Hybrid Bond
  • Wheel For Tool Room
  • Wheel For CNC Grinder

For more efficient manufacturing of Carbide & HSS cutting tools, E-Grind Abrasives developed two series of bond systems, polyimide, and Hybrid bond.

Polyimide Bond is the best choice for small stock removal material. Polyimide bond offers a very nice surface finish when resharpening cutting tools. Compare with normal resin bond, polyimide bond provides better performance in high-temperature durability.

Hybrid Bond is newly developed for large stock removal and high feed speed in CNC machines. The key performance of the E-Grind hybrid bond is extremely high stock removal material to reduce cycle time and longer dressing cycle to improve tool life. Our hybrid wheel provides perfect performance in Fluting, Gashing, and clearance operations for Carbide end mills, drills, and reamers.

Performance of Tool & Cutter Grinding Wheels

  • Highly stock removal rate

  • Large infeed per cut

  • Highly Transverse feed

  • Free cutting

  • Lower machine load

  • Better edge quality

  • Better tool finish

  • Longer dressing cycle

Applications of Tool & Cutter Grinding Wheels

  • For cutting Carbide & HSS rod

  • For tool grinding

  • For fluting end mill, drill, reamer

  • For Gashing end mill, drill, reamer

  • For grinding OD and ends of end mill, drill, reamer

  • For burr grinding

Specifications of Tool & Cutter Grinding Wheels

Product Specification
Available shape1A1, 1A1R, 1V1, 6A2, 12V9, 14V1
Available body typeSteel, Aluminium, Copper, Powder Aluminium, Powder Copper
Working Condition
Grinding TypeDry/Wet
Machine TypeWalter, Anca, Ewag, Schutte, Schneeberger, Makino, TG-5, Stuer, Strausak, Cincinnati, Griffo, Huffman, Jungner

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