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Resin Bond grinding wheels are generally divided into resin bond diamond grinding wheels and resin bond CBN grinding wheels according to abrasives. E-Grind's resin diamond grinding wheels have long service life, excellent self-sharpening ability and good shape retention, high grinding efficiency.

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How Long Does A Diamond Resin Grinding Wheel Last?

Parameters that affect the life of the diamond resin wheel:

Since the specifications of the resin bond diamond wheels and the grinding conditions are intricately intertwined to create the optimum sharpness and life, you will find the best conditions for actual machining by looking at each combination of work, machining conditions, and grinding wheel specifications.

Factors that affect the life of the resinoid bonded grinding wheel:

Specifications of the resin bond diamond wheels such as abrasive grains, particle size, coupling, concentration, and bond type, together with grinding conditions such as Cutting depth, feed rate, rotational speed (peripheral speed), and type and amount of grinding fluid are all factors affecting the life of the resin bonded grinding wheels.

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Resin Bond Grinding Wheels FAQs

What is resinoid bonded grinding wheel?

The resin grinding wheel is the type of super abrasive grinding wheels that uses resin as a bond, one of the three elements that make up a grinding wheel. In the case of resin bond grinding wheels, it only represents the bond, so it is necessary to see the specifications in detail to see what purpose and function the grinding wheel has. It is also called a resinoid grinding wheel.

Why CBN wheel, not diamond wheel, for grinding ferrous materials?

Fe, Cr, Ti, Ni, etc, can’t be machined by diamond, because these metal elements will cause a series of chemical reactions, such as oxidation or graphitization reaction with diamond, the diamond grains will wear off quickly during the grinding process of the above-mentioned materials. CBN(Cubic Boron Nitride), as the second hardest material after diamond and with similar properties to diamond, is used for machining non-diamond-machinable metals.

CBN is the best suitable abrasive for grinding ferrous materials. You will hardly generate a high temperature because CBN has an extremely good conductivity for temperature, so the heat generated is dispersed quickly. 

How to choose the suitable resin bonded grinding wheels?

Proper resin bond diamond grinding wheel selection is critical to get a high grinding efficiency and good workpiece quality. According to the material of the workpiece to be ground, we can roughly choose the resin bond grinding wheels with the below principles.

Diamond grinding wheel: Tungsten Carbide, Cermet, Hard metal/steel combinations, Glass, Quartz, Ceramics, Ferrotitanite Graphite, Magnetic materials.

CBN grinding wheel: Stainless steel(SS), HarHardened high-speed steel (HSS), High alloyed steels with at least 55 HRC, Case-hardened steels, Iron-based powder coatings, Soft steels, Chill castings, Stellite.

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