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The diamond and CBN are held in place by ceramic components that are fused to form the abrasive part of vitrified bond grinding wheels. Bond grinding wheels made of vitrified material offer high grinding efficiency and excellent wheel shape retention.

Vitrified Bond Grinding Wheels For Sale

How are vitrified grinding wheels made?

Vitrified bond grinding wheels are made from abrasives(conventional abrasives, diamond powder, CBN powder), pore-forming agents, ceramic powder, and body(aluminum, steel, ceramic, etc). 

Abrasives, pore-forming agents, and ceramic powder will be pressed and sintered into an abrasive ring first, then stuck on a body.

FAQs of Vitrified Bond Grinding Wheels

What is vitrified bond in grinding?

The vitrified bond is the type of bonding agent in grinding wheel, generally, ceramic powder or glass powder. Vitrified bond has better chemical stability, higher bonding strength, and excellent sharpness.

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