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Vitrified bond grinding wheels are abrasive tools used for precision grinding across a range of industries.  They are composed of abrasive grains, such as alumina or silicon carbide, held together by a vitrified (ceramic) bond. The vitrified bond provides durability, strength, and resistance to heat.

E-grind Vitrified bond grinding wheels are made in both Diamond and CBN, allowing for customization based on the specific needs of the application. The diamond and CBN are held in place by ceramic components that are fused to form the abrasive part of vitrified bond grinding wheels. The Vitrified diamond and CBN grinding wheels offer high grinding efficiency and excellent wheel shape retention. The inherent durability and thermal stability of vitrified cbn grinding wheels make them essential tools for grinding applications that demand precision and consistency.

Vitrified Bond Grinding Wheels For Sale

Features and Benefits of Vitrified Bond Grinding Wheels

  • High Bond Strength

    Vitrified bond grinding wheels maintain shape and performance over time thanks to their strong and rigid bond. Compared to resin bond wheels, vitrified bond wheels have better form retention and are easier to dress than metal bond wheels. They hold abrasive grains firmly, ensuring consistent grinding performance.

  • Controlled Porosity

    The porous structure of vitrified bond grinding wheels allows for efficient heat dissipation, reducing heat buildup during grinding. This helps protect both the workpiece and the wheel from thermal damage.

  • Precision and Accuracy

    Vitrified bond grinding wheels are ideal for applications requiring tight tolerances and meticulous detail. They are capable of delivering smooth and fine finishes on the workpiece, making them suitable for high-precision tasks.

  • Long Wheel Life

    These vitrified bonded grinding wheels offer an extended operational life, reducing the need for frequent wheel changes. The longer lifespan results in lower overall grinding costs, making them a cost-effective choice.

  • High Thermal Stability

    Vitrified bond grinding wheels can withstand higher temperatures, making them suitable for high-speed grinding without degradation. Their effective heat dissipation minimizes the risk of thermal damage to the workpiece.


Applications of Vitrified Bond Grinding Wheels

Vitrified bond grinding wheels are used to grind and sharpen PCD tools, which are known for their extreme hardness and wear resistance. These tools are commonly used in machining non-ferrous metals, composites, and abrasive materials. The precision and durability of vitrified bond grinding wheels ensure that PCD tools maintain their cutting edge and performance over time. Similar to PCD tools, PCBN tools are extremely hard and are used for machining hard ferrous materials. Vitrified bond grinding wheels provide the necessary precision and surface finish required for grinding PCBN tools, ensuring they deliver high performance and longevity in demanding applications.

Grinding PCD/PCBN Tools

Vitrified bond grinding wheels are used to grind various industrial ceramic components, such as insulators, seals, and wear-resistant parts. In applications such as electronics, medical devices, and aerospace, advanced ceramics are used for their unique properties, including high strength, thermal stability, and electrical insulation. Vitrified bond grinding wheels are essential for achieving the tight tolerances and fine surface finishes required for these high-performance ceramic components.


Vitrified bond grinding wheels are used in the semiconductor industry for grinding silicon wafers. The Grinding process is critical for achieving the precise thickness and flatness required for semiconductor wafers, which are used in the production of integrated circuits and other electronic components. In addition to wafer grinding, vitrified bond grinding wheels are used to grind various semiconductor components, such as substrates and packaging materials. The precision and consistency of vitrified bond grinding wheels ensure that these components meet the stringent quality standards required in the semiconductor industry.

Applications of Vitrified Bond Grinding Wheels

How are vitrified grinding wheels made?

E-grind Vitrified bond grinding wheels are made from abrasives(conventional abrasives, diamond powder, CBN powder), pore-forming agents, ceramic powder, and body(aluminum, steel, ceramic, etc). 

Abrasives, pore-forming agents, and ceramic powder will be pressed and sintered into an abrasive ring first, then stuck on a body.

FAQs of Vitrified Bond Grinding Wheels

What is vitrified bond in grinding?

The vitrified bond is the type of bonding agent in grinding wheel, generally, ceramic powder or glass powder. Vitrified bond has better chemical stability, higher bonding strength, and excellent sharpness.

What are the advantages of vitrified bonding?

Vitrified bonding offers several advantages, including high thermal stability, excellent hardness, and the ability to customize compositions. The vitrified bond grinding wheels contribute to prolonged wheel life, precise grinding, and efficient coolant delivery.

Which industries can use Vitrified Bond grinding wheels?

Vitrified Bond grinding wheels find applications in a variety of industries, including metalworking, woodworking, ceramics, glass, aerospace, automotive, and more. They are versatile tools suitable for precision grinding tasks across different materials.

What is the difference between resin bonded and vitrified bonds?

The main differences lie in the bonding agents. Vitrified bonds use a ceramic (vitrified) matrix, offering high hardness and thermal stability, while resin-bonded wheels use a resin matrix, providing flexibility but with lower heat resistance. Vitrified bonds are more suitable for precision and high-temperature applications.

How do you maintain Vitrified Diamond & CBN grinding wheels?

Maintenance involves proper dressing and truing of the wheels to maintain their profile and sharpness. Additionally, using coolants as recommended for specific applications helps manage heat. Inspecting the diamond & cbn vitrified bonded wheel for damage and addressing any issues promptly is crucial for optimal performance.

What is the average cost of Vitrified Diamond & CBN grinding wheels?

The cost of Vitrified Diamond & CBN grinding wheels can vary based on factors such as size, specifications. You're welcomed to contact E-grind at for accurate pricing. Receive prompt, precise, and competitive pricing by reaching out to us today.

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