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  • wafer back grinding wheels
  • wafer back grinding wheels

Wafer Back Grinding Wheel

  • wafer back grinding wheels

E-Grind wafer back grinding wheels have developed the technology to combine diamond and bond to meet your requirements. Especially our advanced porosity technology makes it possible to grind all types of wafers with less bug-surface damage. E-Grind Wafer Back Grinding Wheels use a special vitrified bond for rough grinding or a resin bond for fine finishing and improved process accuracy. The wafer grinding wheel features free cutting, excellent wear resistance, and good shape maintainability for long durability.

Wafer Back Grinding Process

The wafer back grinding process is crucial for achieving the desired thickness and optimizing the electrical and thermal performance of semiconductor devices. Precision, control, and the use of specialized equipment and grinding wheels are key factors in ensuring the success of this critical manufacturing step.

Tape Lamination: The semiconductor wafer is mounted onto a support, often using adhesive tape. Tape lamination is conducted to attach a layer of tape onto the front surface of the semiconductor wafer to provide stability during the process.

Wafer Grinding and Thinning:Utilizing a specialized grinding machine equipped with a wafer back grinding wheel, often made of materials like vitrified diamond, material is precisely removed from the backside of the wafer. This step is crucial for achieving the desired thinness of the wafer. A precision grinding process is employed to thin the wafer from the backside, gradually reducing its thickness to meet desired specifications.

Wafer Mounting: Prior to the sawing process, which separates individual chips from the wafer, wafer mounting is carried out. During this stage, the thinned wafer is carefully mounted onto a rigid substrate or carrier, typically utilizing the tape applied in the first step.

Performance of Wafer Back Grinding Wheel

  • Leading technology

  • Good self-sharpening

  • No dressing required

  • High yeild rate of work-piece

Advantages of Wafer Back Grinding Wheel

  • Precision Grinding

  • High Material Removal Rate

  • Reduced Chipping and Damage

  • Improved Surface Finish

  • Longevity and Durability

As one of the professional cbn grinding wheel manufacturers, our wafer back grinding wheels can enhance processing efficiency and minimize processing costs, and they are customizable according to the customer specifications.

Applications of Wafer Back Grinding Wheel

E-Grind wafer back grinding wheel serves various crucial applications in the LED and Semiconductor industries, primarily focusing on the back thinning process of wafers. The use of wafer back grinding wheel contributes to the production of high-performance semiconductor devices, microelectronics, and LED components, while also improving yield and cost efficiency in the manufacturing process.

Semiconductor Device Manufacturing:

Wafer back grinding wheels are extensively employed in the semiconductor industry for the manufacturing of integrated circuits (ICs) and other semiconductor devices. The back grinding wheel plays a vital role in thinning semiconductor wafers, a critical step in producing high-performance electronic components.

LED (Light-Emitting Diode) Production:

In the LED industry, wafer back grinding wheels are utilized for back thinning processes during the production of LED wafers. This is essential for achieving the desired thickness of the wafer while maintaining precision, as it impacts the optical and electrical properties of the final LED devices.

Microelectronics Manufacturing:

The precision and efficiency of wafer back grinding wheels make them indispensable in the production of microelectronic components. These components are integral to various electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, and other consumer electronics.

Specifications of Wafer Back Grinding Wheel

Product Specification
Available shape6A2T
Working Condition
Grinding TypeWet

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