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  • Wheels For Wafer Back Grinding
  • Wheels For Wafer Back Grinding

Wafer Back Grinding Wheel

  • Wheels For Wafer Back Grinding

E-Grind Back-Grinding wheels have developed the technology to combine diamond and bond to meet your requirements. Especially our advanced porosity technology makes it possible to grind all types of wafers with less bug-surface damage. Our Back-Grinding wheels use a special vitrified bond for rough grinding or a resin bond for fine finishing and improved process accuracy. Our back-grinding wheel features free cutting, excellent wear resistance, and good shape maintainability for long durability.

Performance of Wafer Back Grinding Wheel

  • Leading technology

  • Good self-sharpening

  • No dressing required

  • High yeild rate of work-piece

Applications of Wafer Back Grinding Wheel

Used for wafer's back thinning in LED and Semiconductor industries.

Specifications of Wafer Back Grinding Wheel

Product Specification
Available shape6A2T
Working Condition
Grinding TypeWet

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