iso Efficient Grinding Solution

The diamond grinding wheel is different from conventional abrasive grinding wheels in structure. Generally, it is composed of a diamond abrasive layer, a supporting layer, and a ground layer.

The working layer, also known as the diamond layer, is composed of abrasive powder, bonds, and fillers, and it is the working as part of the grinding wheel. The supporting layer, also known as the non-diamond layer, is composed of bond, metal powder, and filler, and it is the part that firmly connects the diamond layer to the grinding layer.

The body is used to undertake the abrasive layer and firmly clamped on the grinding machine spindle with a flange during work. Normally metal bond products are produced with steel bodies or metal powder bodies; Aluminum body and bakelite body are used for resin bond. Normally wheels are made of aluminum, and steel body and play the role of supporting the working layer and installing the grinding tools on different kinds of grinders. The quality of metal bond grinding wheel' precision during work is closely related to the body.

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