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  • Abrasives Dressing Stick
  • Abrasives Dressing Stick

Grinding Wheel Dressing Stick

  • Abrasives Dressing Stick

E-Grind supply grinding wheel dressing sticks to help you achieve maximum performance from your grinding wheel. For saving customers costs and time, we put 1 pc grinder dressing stick for each grinding wheel in the box as our standard packing. By regular use of properly selected grinder dressing sticks, the grinding wheel always provides the perfect working result.

Performance of Grinding Wheel Dressing Stick

A wide range of Grit Size: 24#~8000# for different usage

Grit size & hardness & bond type & Spec: Can be done as clients' requirements.

Applications of Grinding Wheel Dressing Stick

  • The grinding wheel dressing stick can be used for truing, cleaning, and dressing diamond, CBN, and conventional abrasive wheels.

  • Sharpen fine edges on all types of tools including knives, blades, and precision cutting tools.

Tips on Choosing the Best Type of Grinding Wheel Dressing Stick

According to different types of grinding wheels, it is necessary to choose different specifications and grades of dressing sticks. To achieve the best dressing effect, it is crucial to select a dressing stick with the particle size and grade that matches the abrasive of the grinding wheel.

Resin and Vitrified Bond, Diamond and CBN wheels

Choose a grinder dressing stick one or two grit sizes finer than the abrasive in the wheel- in a soft grade (H or I)

Metal Bond, diamond & cbn vitrified bonded wheel

Choose a abrasive dressing stick the same grit or one grit size coarser than the abrasive in teh wheel – in a medium grade (K-M)

Aluminium Oxide (White)

For dressing and cleaning CBN wheels; these diamond wheel dressing stick also work well for diamond wheel.

Silicon Carbide (Black)

Coarse grit (16-46) and hard-grade (R and harder)  grinder dressing sticks are used for dressing conventional vitrified wheels. Finer grit and softer grades are used for dressing diamond wheels.

Specifications of Grinding Wheel Dressing Stick

Product Specification
Available shapeRectangular, square, boat, bar, etc
Abrasive grain availableA(brown aluminium oxide), WA(white aluminium oxide), PA(pink aluminium oxide), C(black silicon carbide), GC(green silicon carbide), etc.
Working ConditionTruing, cleaning, opening and dressing

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