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  • Diamond Forming Dresser
  • Diamond Sintered Dresser

Diamond Grinding Wheel Dresser

  • Diamond Forming Dresser
  • Diamond Sintered Dresser

E-Grind developed diamond dressers widely used in many metalwork industries like auto parts, engine and engine parts, mold, cutting tools, and other precision parts.

Our products greatly help our grinding wheel to provide perfect performance in cylindrical grinding, centerless grinding, surface grinding, and tool grinding processes.

Performance of Diamond Grinding Wheel Dresser

  • Stable quality control

  • Perfect tool life

  • Great save dressing cost

  • Help customers achieve the best performance from grinding wheel

Applications of Diamond Grinding Wheel Dresser

  • For truing, cleaning, and dressing diamond, CBN, and conventional abrasive wheels

  • This grinding wheel dressing tool is applicable to different machines such as cylindrical grinders, centerless grinders, surface grinders, and all CNC grinders

Tips on How to Dress A Diamond Grinding Wheel

Dressing a diamond grinding wheel requires precision and care to optimize its performance. Here are some tips to help you effectively dress a diamond grinding wheel:

Choose the Right Dressing Tool: Select a diamond grinding wheel dresser that is suitable for the specific type and grit size of your diamond grinding wheel. The dresser should match the wheel's specifications for optimal results.

Inspect the Wheel Before Dressing: Before starting the dressing process, thoroughly examine the diamond grinding wheel for any visible damage, such as chips or cracks. Ensure there is no uneven wear on the wheel's surface.

Ensure Proper Mounting: Secure the diamond grinding wheel dresser firmly in the tool holder or dressing arm of the grinding machine. Proper alignment and secure mounting are crucial for achieving accurate and even dressing.

Adjust the Tool Height: Set the height of the diamond dresser tool to the center of the grinding wheel. This ensures a consistent and even dressing across the entire wheel surface.

Maintain a Steady Feed Rate: Move the diamond dressing tool for surface grinder, maintaining a steady and consistent feed rate. This practice is vital for achieving an even dressing and preventing irregularities.

Follow Manufacturer Guidelines: Always refer to the grinding wheel dresser manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations for both the diamond wheel and the diamond dresser tool. Different wheels and tools may have specific requirements, and adhering to these guidelines ensures optimal performance.

Specifications of Diamond Grinding Wheel Dresser

Product Specification
Available shapeDiamond Dresser seriesSingle grain diamond dresser, Forming diamond knife, Multi-point diamod dresser
Diamond Grain AvailableNatural Diamond, Synthetic Diamond
Working ConditionTruing, cleaning, opening and dressing

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