iso Efficient Grinding Solution

There are two classification standards for cutting fluids, one is based on the components and corresponding properties of cutting fluids, and the other is directly divided into "oil-based cutting fluids" and "water-based cutting fluids". Here we just want to know the common classification according to the components of cutting fluid.

Main types of Cutting Fluids

Aqueous solution

The components of the aqueous solution mainly include water, antirust additives, and lubricating additives. This aqueous solution has a good cooling effect and is commonly used in regular grinding and some finishing processes.


According to different additives, emulsions can be divided into ordinary emulsions (in addition to good cleaning and cooling performance, they also have rust prevention and lubrication performance), rust prevention emulsions (more rust prevention performance), extreme pressure emulsions (forming an adsorption film under high temperature and high pressure, which plays a good lubrication role).

Cutting oil

Cutting oil is divided into three types according to the type of oil: mineral oil (general lubrication), animal/vegetable oil and composite oil (boundary lubrication), extreme pressure cutting oil (with good lubrication performance and extreme pressure lubrication performance).

What is the choice of cutting fluid?

There are many principles for selecting cutting fluid. During rough machining, we should pay attention to the selection of cutting fluid, because the rough machining cutting amount and cutting allowance are very large, which will produce a lot of cutting heat and easily lead to rapid tool wear. In this case, we generally choose cutting fluid with good cooling performance and certain cleaning, lubrication, and rust prevention properties.

When cutting high-strength steel, superalloy, and other difficult-to-machine materials, because the cutting process is in an extreme pressure lubrication friction state, cutting fluid containing extreme pressure additives should be selected.

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