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As one of the reputable abrasive grinding wheel manufacturers, E-Grind provides different types of  diamond grinding wheels and Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) grinding wheels, which are widely used in the woodworking industry, tool making, bearing, gear, mold and die, automobile, aerospace, Semiconductor industry, glass, and ceramic, etc.

Different Types Of Abrasive Diamond Grinding Wheels

Why Choose E-Grind Diamond And CBN Grinding Wheels?

  • Experience

    As one of the most professional abrasive grinding wheel manufacturers in China, we have more than 50 years of experience in the super-abrasive industry, with the special know-how, our professional teams can provide you with excellent technical support.

  • R&D Capability

    With over 40 researchers and engineers in the R&D center, we keep researching and developing new bond systems and all types of grinding wheel to meet the market's demand and provide customers with customized CBN diamond grinding wheels.

  • Fast Delivery Time

    Our normal delivery time of CBN wheels for sale is 15-20 days, and urgent items can be finished in 10 days.

  • Customer Service

    To reach the goal of 100% customer satisfaction, E-Grind always provides customers super abrasive diamond wheels with the most competitive price, consistent quality, efficient service, and the most effective tech support.

  • Quality Check

    In order to guarantee product quality consistency, besides 100% quality check for abrasive wheels and tools, we implement IQC, PQC and FQC from raw material purchasing and finished products leaving.


Diamond And CBN Grinding Wheels Applications

Tungsten carbide tips are welded on steel body, and the tungsten carbide tips need to be ground to get the best cutting performance and using life. The grinding process of tungsten carbide tips includes face grinding, top grinding and side grinding. We can provide diamond grinding wheels for TCT saw blades.

Diamond grinding wheels for TCT saw blades
Diamond Grinding Wheels 01

HSS circular saw blades are used for cutting hard metals. The grinding process of HSS circular saw blades include toothing, sharpening, chamfering, and grinding chip breaker shots. Popupar machines: Loroch, Weinig, Tempo, Schneeberger.

CBN Grinding wheels for HSS saw blades
CBN Grinding Wheels 02

The crankshaft and Camshaft are the critical transmission parts in combustion engines. The grinding wheel is crucial to crankshaft and camshaft quality.

Vitrified bond CBN grinding wheels for camshaft and crankshaft
Vitrified Bond CBN Grinding Wheels 03
Diamond And CBN Grinding Wheels Applications
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