iso Efficient Grinding Solution

Normally during work the outer diameter of the grinding wheel should be selected as large as possible to improve the circumferential velocity of the grinding wheel, which is beneficial to improve the grinding productivity and surface roughness. 

In addition, if the machine tool stiffness and power permit conditions, such as the use of large width of the grinding wheel, can also be improved productivity and reduce the roughness of the effect, but when grinding heat-sensitive materials, in order to avoid burns and cracks on the workpiece surface, the width of the grinding wheel should be appropriately reduced, meanwhile in daily working, many operators are always used to operating against the grinding wheel, because it can be used in this direction, in fact, this behavior is especially prohibited in the operation of the grinder. 

According to the recommendations from CBN grinding wheel manufacturers, it is suggested that operators stand to the side of the grinding wheel when using a grinder on a workpiece. It is crucial to avoid operating in front of the grinding wheel to prevent potential risks such as the grinding wheel flying out or breaking and subsequently ejecting. Adhering to this precautionary measure is essential for ensuring safety during grinding operations.

As one of the leading abrasive grinding wheel manufacturers, E-Grind offers types of grinding wheels including diamond grinding wheels and CBN grinding wheels. These products find extensive applications in the woodworking industry, tool manufacturing, as well as in sectors such as bearings, gears, molds, dies, automobiles, aerospace, semiconductor, glass, ceramics, and more. You may also have interested in products provided by E-Grind:

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