iso Efficient Grinding Solution

1. The grinding machine should be installed in a quiet and safe place, and the rotation direction is forbidden to face the channel. Before starting, check the screws, splint of grinding wheel, protective cover of the grinding wheel, and surface of grinding wheel for cracks and damage, etc., and confirm that the machine is complete and good before starting.

2. The workpiece bracket must be firmly installed, the bracket surface should be smooth, the gap between the position of the bracket and the grinding wheel frame shall less than 3mm, and the diameter of the clamping wheel flange shall not be less than 1/3 of the diameter of the grinding wheel, and the clamping force is moderate. For flange plate with balance block, balance test should be carried out first after installing grinding wheel, and can be used after passing testing.

3. The grinding wheel should be kept dry to prevent moisture from reducing its strength.

4. The turning of the fastening screws of the axle head of the sand wheel should be opposite to the rotation direction of the main shaft to keep it tight. The starting speed of the grinding wheel must reach the normal speed before grinding parts.

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