iso Efficient Grinding Solution
Abrasive Wheel Grit Size Superabrasive Wheel Grit SizeFeed depth per pass (Roughing)(mm)Feed depth per pass (Finishing)(mm)
C 501426~1260.10~0.02 0.03~.02
C 251151~76 0.05~0.02 0.02~0.01
C 126/A 12664~40 0.03~0.01 0.02~0.01
C 76/A 76 46~35 0.02~0.01 0.02~0.01
C 54/A 5440~20 0.015~0.005 -
C 40/A 4020~100.01~0.005 -
C 20/A 2010~50.01~0.005 -


1. C means Green SiC grinding wheel, A means White corundum grinding wheel.
2. Both C and A abrasive wheels hardness code shall be J or L.
3. The abrasive wheel RPM shall be higher than superabrasive wheel RPM. The recommend RPM of abrasive wheel shall be 4-6 times of the superabrasive wheel RPM.
4. Normally, the abrasive wheel diameter shall be bigger than superabrasive wheel diameter.
PS: Do not use small diameter and low RPM abrasive wheel to dress large diameter and high RPM superabrasive wheel.

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