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The abrasive is always selected according to the material to be ground, the material decides whether diamond is good or CBN is good, also whether the abrasive grains are coated or not.

Coated diamond, CBN

Diamond, CBN, Cu, Ni, Ag, Ti, etc. Coated diamond (SDC) and coating CBN (CBNC) are commonly used for resin bond, and uncoated diamond and CBN are used for metal bond, vitrified bond and electroplated bond. The reason why coated diamond and CBN is favored for resin bond is generally as follows.

Grinding Wheel Abrasive

  • The bonding force of resin bond to abrasive grains (the holding force) is generally less than metal bond and vitrified bond, the surface area of coated abrasive grains increases, this can increase the bonding force between resin bond and abrasive grains significantly.

  • In addition, the coating can help heat generated during grinding dissipate away to the wheel body quickly. Diamond is particularly heat-labile, so coating is effective to maintain diamond to work for a long time.

Uncoated diamond, CBN

In most cases, coated diamond and CBN will not be used for metal and vitrified bonds. The reason is the sintering temperature of the grinding wheel with these bonds is high up to 650 degrees Celsius, Cu, Ni, Ag coatings will melt at this temperature, so it does not make sense to use coated abrasive grains. In recent years, there is also a titanium coated abrasive, which is used  for these bonds to increase the holding force.

Uncoated Abrasive

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