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On December 26, the National Health Commission issued an overall plan on the implementation of "Class B and Class B management" for novel coronavirus (Covid-19) infection, which mentioned that the management of Chinese and foreign personnel exchanges should be optimized.

Starting from Jan. 8, China will downgrade management of the disease from Class A to Class B in accordance with the country's law on prevention and treatment of infectious disease, and remove it from quarantinable infectious disease management carried out in accordance with the Frontier Health and Quarantine Law of the People's Republic of China.

Personnel coming to China shall carry out nucleic acid testing 48 hours before leaving, and those with negative results can come to China without applying for a health code from our embassies and consulates abroad, and fill the results in the customs health declaration card. If it is positive, the relevant personnel shall return to China after turning negative. Cancel the nucleic acid testing and centralized isolation of all personnel after entry. Those whose health declaration is normal and there is no abnormality in the customs port routine quarantine can be released to the public. Cancel the "Five Ones" and load factor restrictions and other control measures for the number of international passenger flights. All airlines shall continue to do a good job of on-board epidemic prevention, and passengers must wear masks when boarding. Further optimize the arrangements for foreigners to come to China, such as returning to work, returning to production, business, studying abroad, visiting relatives and reuniting, and provide corresponding visa facilities. Gradually resume the entry and exit of passenger transport by water and land ports. In accordance with the international epidemic situation and the ability to provide services in all aspects, we will orderly resume outbound tourism for Chinese citizens.

Following the adjustment, China's COVID-19 prevention and control efforts will focus on protecting health and preventing severe cases. Measures will be rolled out to protect people's lives and health to the utmost and minimize the impact of the epidemic on economic and social development.

The three-year epidemic management is coming to an end. E-Grind welcome you to restart your visit.

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