iso Efficient Grinding Solution

The hardness of grinding wheel refers to the degree of difficulty for the grinding grains on the surface of grinding wheel to fall off under the action of grinding force. If the hardness of the grinding wheel is soft, it means that the abrasive grains of the grinding wheel are easy to fall off. If the hardness of the grinding wheel is hard, it means that the abrasive grains are difficult to fall off. Hardness of grinding wheel and hardness of abrasive are two different concepts. The same abrasive can be made into types of abrasive wheels with different hardness, which mainly depends on the properties and quantity of binder and the grinding wheel manufacturing process. The significant difference between grinding and cutting is that the grinding wheel has "self-sharpening". 

Choosing the hardness of the grinding wheel is actually choosing the self-sharpening of the grinding wheel. I hope that the sharp abrasive particles will not fall off too early, nor will they fall off after grinding bluntly. In collaboration with professional CBN grinding wheel manufacturer like E-Grind, you will get grinding wheels with unmatched quality, ensuring prolonged sharpness and optimal performance.

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