iso Efficient Grinding Solution

In 2014, we began to develop Resin Bond & Vitrified Bond Diamond/CBN wheel for PCD/PCBN inserts grinding.

In order to replace Winter PCD/PCBN wheels, our R & D department started to develop a new formula in the PCD/PCBN inserts industry in 2014. We offered a new type of wheel for many customers and there are many successful cases in PCD/PCBN grinding.

This formulation has higher hardness and is more durable. It is often used in face and profile grinding. The formulation can not only be used for 6A2 and 2A2T wheels for PCD/PCBN inserts but also can improve the wheel's life. If this bond is used in double-disk wheels with large OD(720mm--1000mm),  it will be suitable for roughing, finishing, prolonging use life, and has a good tool life in grinding carbide tools.

Pcbn Grinding Wheel