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The substance used to bond abrasive in grinding wheel is called binder. Binder determines the strength, hardness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance of grinding wheel.

1. Classification Of Grinding Wheel Binder

  • Ordinary abrasive grinding wheels: ceramic binder, resin binder and rubber binder (not commonly used)

  • Super abrasive grinding wheels: metal bond, resin bond, ceramic bond and electroplating process.

2. The Matrix Material Corresponding To The Binder 

[the matrix is made of aluminum, steel or bakelite, which plays the role of supporting the working layer and clamping the abrasive tool]

  • Ceramic bond: aluminum matrix

  • Resin binder: usually aluminum matrix, sometimes steel body is also used (for example, when the grinding wheel is very thin, steel body is also used to ensure strength)

When selecting matrix materials, we should choose matrix materials with low density, small centrifugal deformation and small thermal expansion when rotating at high speed according to the cost performance of the materials.

3. Binders Suitable For Common Materials

  • Diamond abrasive and resin binder are suitable for cemented carbide materials.

  • CBN abrasive and resin binder are suitable for quenched steel.

  • Glass/ceramic/agate materials are suitable for metal bonding.

  • Silicon wafer/magnetic material is suitable for using ceramic bonding agent.

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