iso Efficient Grinding Solution

Compared with other bond CBN, ceramic bond CBN grinding wheel has the following characteristics:

1. Ceramic bonded CBN grinding wheel has controllable porosity. Porosity is very important for abrasive tools, especially for CBN grinding wheel for grinding steel. The pores on the surface of ceramic bond CBN grinding wheel can provide space for debris to contain and discharge, which is beneficial to the removal of debris from grinding area and avoid the blockage of grinding wheel and the friction heat caused by it. The air holes on the surface of the grinding wheel can also provide channels for the cooling liquid, so that the cooling liquid is widely distributed in the grinding contact area and its vicinity. Therefore, the grinding temperature is lower and the grinding burn is reduced or avoided.

2. The open structure of CBN grinding wheel with ceramic bond enables abrasive particles to be exposed and protruded optimally, thus ensuring excellent free cutting performance and high workpiece material removal rate. The grinding force of the grinding wheel is small, the specific grinding energy is lower and the grinding performance is good.

3. The good heat resistance of ceramic bond makes full use of CBN abrasive, and the service life of grinding wheel is longer. However, resin binder can not effectively keep abrasive particles at about 200℃.

4. Other features:

  • The vitrified cbn grinding wheel has small thermal expansion coefficient, good rigidity, and small relief during grinding, which is suitable for high-precision and low-roughness grinding.

  • The ceramic grinding wheel is easy to dress, and the correction and sharpening can be completed at one time with low maintenance cost.

  • The ceramic bonded CBN grinding wheel has good self-sharpening, long dressing interval and reduced dressing frequency.

  • CBN grinding wheel with ceramic bond has good chemical stability and a wide range of application to grinding fluid.

  • CBN grinding wheel with ceramic bond has good surface integrity, high quality and long service life.

Because of the above-mentioned advantages, CBN diamond grinding wheels with ceramic bond has been widely concerned around the world and has become a hot spot in the research and development of abrasive products in the world. Advanced ceramic bond CBN grinding wheel grinding is regarded as a high-tech in the field of grinding. As a kind of high-performance abrasive product with high speed, high efficiency, high precision, low grinding cost, and low environmental pollution, ceramic bonded CBN grinding wheel represents a main development direction of abrasive products today and has a very broad application prospect.

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