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Truing is the so-called reshaping work of adjusting the shape of the grinding wheel. Grinding wheels that rotate at high speeds, such as diamond wheels, will cause runout if the wheel itself is not perfectly round or if the center is shifted when the grinding wheel is replaced, and grinding accuracy cannot be maintained, and in some cases, it will have a negative impact on the machine tool. Especially when using the outer circumference and sides of a diamond wheel, these areas are prone to run out, and there are tolerances in the inner diameter of the flange, so runout tends to occur when replacing the wheel or starting a new one.

Things to mind during diamond wheel truing

In the truing of resin bond diamond wheels, the main work is to grind the grinding wheel surface to remove this runout. Runout can also lead to poor accuracy, chipping, and abnormal wear and breakage of the grinding wheel, so it is necessary to remove it to an acceptable range.

In addition, the shape of the diamond wheel may be lost during use. Grinding wheels that have lost roundness can cause grinding burns and chatter marks, so they need to be reshaped.

There are roughly two situations for truing the grinding wheel:

  • When a new diamond wheel is installed or replaced

  • When the shape of the diamond wheel is lost during the grinding process

How to truing diamond wheels, CBN wheels

It may be done at the same time as dressing the grinding wheel, but unlike dressing, where chips and bond material are removed, the shape of the grinding wheel itself needs to be changed, so the following method is known. There is no much difference between the method used in dressings.

Use a Diamond Dresser

This method uses the abrasive stick dresser, single-point dresser, multi-point dresser, etc. introduced in the section on dressing of grinding wheel. As used in dressing, a dresser is applied to the rotating grinding wheel at a certain amount and angle to scrape the surface of the diamond wheel. It is also effective for wheels with particularly hard bonds, such as vitrified bonded grinding wheels.

Use raw materials (mild steel)

It is a method of grinding mild steel materials, so-called raw materials, to grind diamond holes and perform truing and dressing at the same time. The shape of the grinding wheel is adjusted by scraping the workpiece until the runout disappears.

Use electrical discharge machining

It is a method of adjusting the shape of a diamond wheel by discharging from an electrode using an electric discharge machine, and it is sometimes used not only for truing but also for shaping when making new grinding wheels.

Use grinding wheels

It was a grinding wheel dressing stick, but it is a method of truing by turning the grinding wheel, and applying a rotating diamond wheel. As in the case of sticks, a slightly coarser grain size is more convenient to use than a grinding wheel that performs truing. However, since the opponent is the diamond wheel and CBN wheel, which have the highest hardness of all grinding wheels, the wear of the grinding wheel will be considerable, depending on the degree of correction of the shape.

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