iso Efficient Grinding Solution

During the grinding process, the state of the grinding wheel directly affects the grinding results. The state of the grinding wheel, such as changes in cutting ability and wheel shape, can have an impact on the yield rate and reproducibility of the finished workpiece.


Generally speaking, the most common reason is the grinding wheel can not cut, which means that the grinding wheel has lost cutting ability; There are two main reasons why grinding wheels lose cutting ability:


The first type is the gradual rounding of the edges of the abrasive particles during the grinding and extrusion process, which we call "passivation". At this point, if the self sharpening ability of the grinding wheel is not fully utilized in a timely manner, it will result in a decrease in cutting ability and the inability to effectively exert the grinding effect.


The second reason is that during the grinding process, workpiece chips will be generated, especially for sticky materials. If the pore size of the grinding wheel is not large enough or the pore rate is low, it is easy for chips to fill the pore, causing blockage. Causing the grinding wheel to become a flat surface without serrations, losing cutting ability.



Another condition is that the grinding surface of the grinding wheel is uneven: the grinding wheel may experience wear and tear during use. This kind of loss will cause the true roundness of the grinding wheel to gradually lose and the grinding surface of the grinding wheel to be uneven. This situation can cause problems such as deviation during grinding and reduced grinding efficiency.


In some unstable states, the grinding wheel must be dressed to restore cutting ability or true roundness. However, due to the high-speed rotation of the grinding wheel during the machining process, it is often impossible to directly observe with the naked eye whether the grinding wheel has lost cutting ability or is uneven. However, in the case of loss of cutting ability, many grinding phenomena will occur, and if these phenomena occur, it can be inferred whether the grinding wheel needs to be dressed.

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