Team Building Life

Looking back to 2020, it's a difficult year for everyone. In this year, we fight the virus hand in hand. We help each other get back to normal work. We provide our customers with masks, gloves and other epidemic prevention materials to help them tide over the difficulties and get back to normal life . In the difficult year of 2020., our team not only work hard together but also enjoy life together

In Nov. We went to Sanmenxia, where it took us 3 hours to arrive there, as the weather is cold, first we went to the hot spring, it is said that hot spring can relieve fatigue and muscle soreness, promote blood circulation and metabolism. Natural hot spring can improve skin condition.


Next we visited the buildings with special pit style.


Then we visited the Swan habitat. The weather was very cold, but everyone's enthusiasm was very high.


In Jan, We had a summary for 2020, It not only includes sales performance, administrative work, but also financial work, etc. After the work summary, the outstanding part and the staff were commended. In the end, we reached the climax of the whole conference by showing our talents.



We hope in the new year 2021, everything is going well and everyone keep safe and stay health.